How to look cool on the train:

All New York Subway travelers are different, some are reading or listening to music or talking with their friends. Even though they are distracted in their own little world they will look around… Continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness!

Hello all! Just a post to make a shout out for all of those who: Are fighting Breast Cancer Supporting someone who is fighting Breast Cancer Survived Breast Cancer Are supporting just because!… Continue reading

Internship tips!

As an intern – I have picked up a few things along the way. This is for those who have internships, I might write a post on how to get one later! It’s… Continue reading

Don’t forget everyone!

Don’t forget – this is the month of love! I read today about the minds of puppies. And the one thing that stuck to me: “You have your work, your entertainment,and your friends.… Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy: The Teacher.

We all are aware of the Hurricane that was just passed through the East Coast without a care in the world. Destroying as it goes. I would have to admit, I didn’t prepare… Continue reading

Eating on the subway.

Okay, so lately my schedule has given me NO time to eat normally. Normally being, the ability to sit down and enjoy a meal. So I eat whenever I can. I seemed to… Continue reading

I have just rea…

I have just read about the whole new “kissing disease”: Chagas. Click on the picture for info: It may be gruesome. Not recommended if you’re squeamish with bugs. There is a new Dementor… Continue reading

Dining Etiquette

So I shall be going to an interview dinner tonight for a part time job. So I am doing a small crash course on “Dining Etiquette”. Considering this is a fancy restaurant I really want… Continue reading


Originally posted on I love green inspiration:
 My today’s green inspiration is all dedicated to animals…especially dogs. I’ve never had a dog in my life – I’ve always lived in a city- but…

Leather Shorts!

  Leather shorts seem to be quite the trend. I think it’s must have piece! Pair it with a pretty top and the leather shorts bring down the “girly” factor. I like them… Continue reading

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